Today we had 2 hours to workshop. Before the workshop, my group members were nice people that I saw for 8 hours a week in the comfy room on the ground floor of Atwater A. After, they had morphed into people with pasts and futures — a pretty incredible transition. I want to know what happens next. The braided essays were so much more meaningful when I heard them read by the writer than when I skimmed through some of them on a computer screen. I was surprised by how so many of the topics chosen were clearly so personal, and I got the feeling sometimes that I wasn’t worthy of being privy to this intimate knowledge. It seems as though the assignment itself has become more of a personal project.

What’s the first thing you say in the silence just after someone has just finished reading her piece, so clearly infused with feeling? Nice threads? I really like how the ending is reminiscent of the beginning? Those things pale in comparison to the topics. Nice deep meaning? Arg. To the people who shared with me today — thanks.