I’ve been learning quite a lot about writers in general, and not just about myself as a writer.

To tell the truth, though I love to read, I’ve hated English class since the beginning of high school. Why? Well, to a large extent, because I equate English teachers in my head to failed psychologists (and give me a break, I’m trying to be honest here, not tactful). “What do you suppose the character is feeling during this time?” “If this were to happen, how would the characters respond?” My feeling has always been that whatever event we’re talking about DIDN’T happen. We should be paying attention to the book instead of psychoanalyzing the characters. I still feel that way, actually. My distaste for English classes, however, went further: I’ve always felt that we are reading things into the writing that are not actually there. In some cases, I’m sure that we do (“She’s wearing a green dress! The hidden meaning MUST be that she’s jealous!!”). I’m starting to be convinced, however, that much more is intentional in a piece than I originally assumed. BG keeps telling us that we need to be purposeful. She says that our finished pieces should have exactly the number of words that are necessary — not one more or one less. Especially for the multimedia writing, everything that we choose to include we must choose for a reason. Maybe it’s worth it to examine every letter in a story, after all. Maybe each word was put there intentionally and for a specific reason. I just always assumed that because I did not write that way, no one did. Silly me.


Transitioning to the piece at hand now (multimedia): I’m thinking that the topic will be dance, and I’d like to give myself a challenge. Can I write something that makes the reader/viewer feel movement without any video feed? I’m not sure — guess I’ll try for a while and find out.