Today we really started discovering how writing, sound, and image can be combined to make a product that is larger than the sum of any of its components. The goal, always, is to find media that work together to create something, not just reiterative media. For the exercise below, BG played 14 pieces of music and we wrote sentences that “inhabited” that music. This exercise followed one in which we moved in a way that inhabited the music. It was interesting, in both exercises, how similar different students’ interpretations were. Lots of nature and sex imagery for the piano and Latin music, respectively. when we were moving, the majority of us were ballerinas for the classical music and did some wiggly hip variations for the Latin stuff.

When BG posts the music that she played to inspire these sentences on the J-term writing blog, I’ll put a link HERE.

1. I’ve wanted it more than anything for so long — and I’ve finally begun to really try for it.

2. It was one of those rare days when you walk through the entire thing as though you owned the world.

3. I can think of things for and against everything.

4. The day I forgot to take a shower was when it all began.

5. He made a discovery and was only just beginning to understand its fantastic implications.

6. Who told you that humans can’t fly? let me show you. It’s like this, and then like this…

7. It seemed his body was not tied to the ground anymore, and they loved it.

8. I was backed into a corner, without knowing how I had gotten there, and I began to despair.

9. There was a malfunction in his power point presentation, which made class much more interesting.

10. Sometimes the little guys can sneak by, unnoticed.

11. All I really felt like doing was sitting and singing to myself — I wished the world were far away.

12. It was hot and sticky, and everyone was flirting and having a marvelous time.

13. The beast was huge and relentlessly walking toward me, but I saw something that looked like it might be good in his eye.

14. I can’t decide who I really want to be, but i think I have the gist of it.


So I didn’t actually use a sentence from one of my narratives. I thought about which sentence I should choose for a while, couldn’t pick one that jumped out at me as happily enhanced by hypertext, and moved on to thinking about more mundane things. Like laundry. The sentence that I came up with is equally mundane, and it is very nonfictional, indeed. Hypertext, hopefully, lends it the creativity part.

This was my first experiment with hypertext, and I don’t always succeed in bringing you back to something with a link.  If it doesn’t work, just click the back button and try something different.  Enjoy!

I should do laundry.

Happily, I do not allow myself to be governed by piles of clothes. Rise above the material things in life!

I shouldn’t do laundry.

But I have some extra covers, I can just use them as capes.

The end.  Almost.

I have to have something to cover my back, in any event.

My laundry bag gets really heavy, brother dear. I could walk to Forest and back no problem WITHOUT it!

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