For my final project, I think I’ll take my braided essay and expand it considerably. There’s quite a lot going on: who I am and who I want to be and why I think either one of those things, and who I live with and who I care about and whether I actually understand anything at all. Whew. And right now it’s three pages, and half of that stuff doesn’t actually come across. I’ll make the peephole into my life into a window, and I’ll jump over a huge hurdle and start to talk about myself for ME, not just myself in the context of the way in which I fit into the rest of my family.

The hundred-word, 5-minute version: Yeah, right. (That’s two.)

Am I truly what they tell me I am? The calm one? Do I want to be what they tell me I am? And if I think that I am, am I happy with that? Do I like myself? What can I do to like myself? How do I even begin to understand what’s really me and what I’m supposed to be and what’s just a little bit fake? Is a little bit fake okay but a lot fake not really? And if I pretend to be someone that I’m not really, well, that’s me as well, right, because it’s IN me to pretend and so if I’m doing it, well, it must be me. People can only ever be themselves. I think. But does that mean that people can’t change if they’re unhappy?

Looks like I need to sort through quite a bit of stuff.